Trying to untangle dragons in Robin Hobb is really difficult. 



I seriously look forward to the day I can dedicate thousands of words to the differences between the Elderlings of The Farseer to the Elderlings of the Rain Wild Chronicles.

Hobbs’ Dragons

Luckily I started reading the Rain Wild Chronicles just in time for my chapter writings on dragons. Oh boy, oh boy.

Hunting fantasy takes you to strange places.

Gene Wolfe had something to do with the engineering of the machine that invented Pringles.

When writing a thesis…

Scrambled egg and a Mocha aren’t a good food/drink combination. I feel distractingly sick.

Fuck you, [insert name here, I know who you are].

 I hate it when academics are right. FINE. One of your skanky points is correct. All the others are wrong, so I still win.


If you’re wondering, this thesis is like a Skill command burned into my mind and soul.